The Tow and Fert Multi 500 is able to be towed behind any ATV or side-by-side.

The Tow and Fert Multi 500 is the perfect addition to any farm. Easy to use you can follow the cows as they head to the milk shed, applying fertiliser, animal helath products and so much more.

Easy and Quick to Use.

The perfect solution for all farmers, smaller farms, and those needing a second machine. The Tow and Fert Multi 500.

The Tow and Fert Multi 500 is a completely stand alone machine. It has been developed to be towed behind any ATV or side-by-side, to be easy to use and for farmers wanting to get started on the Tow and Fert Fertiliser System.

Ideal for smaller farms, the Tow and Fert Multi 500 offers farmers a solution that enables them to spary their fertiliser after the cows have left the field for milking. Spraying Magnesium Oxide during mating is another way to maximise your Tow and Fert Multi 500 whilst growing more grass with foliar fertiliser and saving money on the cost of inputs by using less fertiliser.

With a low centre of gravity, the Multi 500 is a very versatile machine on all types of farms.

With a 500 litre capacity this machine can easily dissolve up to 200 kgs of urea in cold water, or hold up to 350kgs of dry fine particle product in suspension. The Multi 500 features our patented re-circulation boom design that delivers up to a 10 metre spread through large nozzles. The re-circulation boom means fertiliser product cannot settle out in any dead areas found on typical boom sprayers.

Fitted with a 100% Stainless Steel trash pump and a silicon carbide mechanical seal – specifically designed for this application, the Tow and Fert is built to last.

All fittings are removable without a toolbox and can be changed in the field. Depending on application rate, the Multi 500 has the capacity to cover approx. 3-4 hectares in 25 mins.


tank volume 500 litres (132 gallons)
spray width Up to 10 metres (32 feet)
application rate Variable from 50 – 500 litres/hectare
attachment style Trailed
attachment vehicle ATV or side-by-side
agitation powered by On board Petrol Engine
area per load approx. 3-4 hectares (7 – 10 acres)
pump model Metalform Stainless 2” Centrifugal Trash Pump
pump performance 750 litres per minute at 0 metres lift. Max lift = 3 metres
pump powered by On board Petrol Engine
dry weight 120kg
full weight up to 800kg
size 2.30m (L) x 1.80m (W) x 1.70m (H)
tow hitch 1 7/8” or 50mm Coupling
Optional Extras

External Suction Kit, 

Electronic Spray Operation 

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External Suction Kit

Tow and Fert Multi 500 Electronic Spray Operation

Electronic Spray Operation

Multi 500 Hort/Tree Crop Kit

Hort/Tree Crop Kit

Multi 500 Viticulture Kit with Narrow Wheel Base

Viticulture Kit

The Tow and Fert Range

Optional Add-Ons

01. OPTIONAL: Load Scales

The scales kit separates the tank from the chassis on load sensitive bars and continually weighs what is in the tank. When calculating mixes using the supplied calculator software, the outputs are in kilograms which make filling the base liquid and fertiliser products accurate.

02. OPTIONAL: Dual Boom

The 100% stainless steel dual boom kit doubles the spray width to approx 20 metres and is mounted on break-away joints in case you misjudge the distance to the fence post.  Without the dual boom kit, is a basic single nozzle system acheiving 10 metre spray width

03. OPTIONAL: In Cab Control

The spray operation and boom control can be done from the comfort of your tractor. The Tow and Fert (*Dual Boom model only) features a wired connection so you never need to get in and out of your vehicle meaning it is fast and accurate to operate.

04. In Line Filtration

The filter kit in plumbed between the pump and spray nozzle and filters all the flow through a 3mm filter basket. This is easily accessible and can be cleaned in less than a minute with no tools.

05. Suction Kit

The suction kit gives you the ability to use the pump on the machine to suck from an external liquid source – an effluent pond or trough.
This includes a 6 metre hose, mesh filter, firefighting nozzle, non-return valve for the pump and shutoff valve from tank suction port

06. OPTIONAL: 1 tonne Crane

If you don’t have a 2nd tractor or gravity fed hoppers/silos, then a single axis crane kit will make the operation of the Multi 1200 a one-tractor operation to fill, load and apply. It will lift 1 tonne from behind the machine and is operated from the tractor hydraulics. This will position the bag directly over the filling hole.

For more information about the Tow and Fert Multi 500, get in touch.