Our Team

Years of experience all under one roof!

Neil Parker

Sales Manager – Australia
0420 608 464

Based in Victoria, Neil manages all things Tow and Fert!  Neil’s background in sales and experience with the Tow and Fert ensures that our clients are helped in a way that makes the decision financially beneficial.  He spends a lot of his time with clients in all corners of the country, so distance is never an obstacle.

Tim Henman

Sales and Marketing Manager

As a part of the  R&D team on Tow and Fert in the early 2000’s, Tim has been part of the design, sales and marketing journey since the beginning and can help clients understand the ROI’s for them specifically. 

Geoff Easton

Design Manager

As the son of the company founder, Geoff’s commercial experience and track record in R&D stretches back to the early days of the business. Geoff has the knack and flair to envisage product solutions and designs even nearly before the product problem existed.  Geoff has led the design for the entire Tow and Fert range over the past 10 years.

Ryan Wardlaw

Assembly Manager

With a strong company focus on final Assembly, Ryan is not only managing the attention to detail with a talented team of 25, but has a background in sales so understands the importance of the final product being fit for purpose.

The Tow and Fert Times.

The Tow and Fert Times is a publication full of information for all farmers. Designed to help you with your nutrient management and fertiliser decisions, it is packed full of helpful information, case studies and helpful tips and tricks for the farm.

Volume 9 Available now!


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